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What is is an online application that offers job seekers immediate and continuous access to job matching services. Even when job seekers are not logged on continues to match job openings with qualified job seekers and generates notices to alert them to potential job opportunities. Job seekers can also browse thousands of job postings including all Texas state agency jobs, refer themselves to open positions, complete resumés and/or state applications and maintain them online.
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How do I find my nearest Workforce Solutions Office?

If you are logged on to, click the My Workforce Solutions Office link in the top right corner of any page. To view more Workforce Solutions Offices, click the Workforce Solutions Office Directory link at the bottom of any page.

If you are not logged on, click the Contact Information link in the top right corner of the page and then click the Workforce Solutions Offices and Services link to go to the Directory. Type in your ZIP Code and click the radio button next to Job Seeker Services. If applicable, check the 'I am a veteran' statement and click Search. Your nearest Workforce Solutions Office will appear on the results page along with address, phone number, and other helpful information. Back to Top

How do I adjust the font on your website to make it bigger or smaller?

To adjust the font size for your Internet browser, try one of the following methods:
  • Select View, then select Text Size from your browser's menu, and choose a different size (Medium is standard for
  • Hold down the Control Key and use the wheel of your mouse to scroll up and down to adjust the font size. Release the Control Key when you have found the desired font size.
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How long will I remain logged on to your website with no activity?

After one hour of inactivity, such as changing pages or saving data, will automatically log you out. Back to Top

The web address starts with "https." What does the "s" stand for?

The "https:/" means that your information is encrypted to protect your privacy on the Internet. Like many other Internet sites, uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) for encryption. Back to Top

If you're getting kicked out of, you might need to disable your Content Advisor. Here's how you do that.

Did you logon to successfully and then get kicked out when you tried to go to another page? Did your error message read as follows, "Please logon again. Your previous session is no longer valid. The information you entered was not saved"?

If you answered "Yes" to these first two questions, then you may need to ensure the Content Advisor for Internet Explorer is disabled. You can check your Content Advisor setting or change it by following these steps:
  • Open your Internet browser.
  • Click the Tools drop down list from your Internet browser toolbar.
  • Select Internet Options.
  • Select the Content tab.
  • Click the button that reads: Disable.
When the Content Advisor is disabled, the Enable button displays. When the Content Advisor is enabled, the Disable button displays. To change the setting, select the button that displays (Enable or Disable). If prompted, enter the password. Select OK to close the Internet Options window. Close your Internet browser, reopen it, and try to logon to again. The problem should be resolved.

If you've followed the above steps and still experience problems, please contact staff in your nearest Workforce Solutions Office for assistance.
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I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

Click the "forgot password?" link that appears on your logon page and follow the instructions to reset your password. If you are unable to reset your password, click the Contact Us link in the upper right portion of the Logon page to send a message to Workforce Staff to request assistance, or call or visit the nearest Workforce Solutions Office for assistance.
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I am getting an error message that says I have to enable cookies. What does this mean and how do I enable them? temporarily stores information that is needed for the business process. This information file, called a non-persistent cookie, is automatically removed when you close your browser session. Please allow cookies from our site.
  • If Firefox 2.0 is your browser, go to Tools/Options/Privacy menu. This menu allows you to set your cookie settings.
  • If Internet Explorer 6.0 is your browser, go to the Tools/Internet Options/Privacy menu. This menu allows you to select the privacy setting for your browser. Usually, settings range between Low (less secure) and High (more secure). Your browser accepts cookies based on the source of the cookie and whether the source has a privacy policy. There are advanced security features for those who prefer greater control over cookies.
  • Also, a firewall installed on your computer or at your Internet service provider (ISP) may be blocking the transmission of cookies. Please consult your firewall documentation or your network administrator to resolve this issue.
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When I try to create my User ID, I get an error message that indicates my User ID is already in the system. What should I do?

There are two possible reasons for this error message while attempting to register:
  1. Someone else may be using the same User ID. Please keep trying other User IDs until you find one that has not been used.
  2. You may have previously registered with If so, click the "forgot user id" link to recover your former User ID. You have two possible options:
    1. Go to the Logon page and click the Contact Us link (in the upper right portion of the page) to send a message to Workforce Staff to request assistance, or
    2. Contact your nearest Workforce Solutions Office for assistance.
    How do I find my nearest Workforce Solutions Office?
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What can I use for my User ID?

You may use just about anything you want. However, for your personal security we recommend not using numbers like your Social Security Number, Unemployment Insurance claim PIN number, bank account number, birth dates, and so on. You may use any combination of letters and numbers unique to you, but we suggest choosing a combination easy for you to remember. Please do not include spaces or other special characters like a pound sign or ampersand in your password. Back to Top

How long should my User ID and Password be?

User ID must be at least 3 characters but no more than 32, and they are NOT case sensitive.

Passwords must be at least 6 characters but no more than 32, and they ARE case sensitive. For example: ASTROS is not the same as astros. Passwords must include at least one letter and one number. Back to Top

How will I know when I have successfully completed registration in

You will receive a Registration Confirmation page when you have successfully completed the registration process in Back to Top

Basic Internet Instructions

How do I navigate through the web pages?

Most applications have several different ways to navigate through their web pages, including menus, links, and buttons. The descriptions below are specific to the application but are also similar to other web sites.

When registering or entering information in, the best way to navigate is by using the Buttons at the bottom of each of page, especially when you are providing information on several different pages.
  • Buttons such as Submit, Next, or Save will store your information and forward you to the next page. Cancel and Previous buttons will take you back to the previous page or step without saving your entries on that page. Use the buttons provided on the web pages instead of the Back and Forward buttons in your web browser to ensure all entered information is saved correctly and submitted successfully.
  • Banner links are embedded in the colored banner across the upper portion of your page. These links are very general, but usually include the logo link and your logoff link.
  • Top navigation bar is a row of tabs displayed across the top of the web page directly below the banner. This navigation bar contains the main menu, or major functions, of the application.
  • Left navigation bar is a column of vertical links aligned along the left side of the web page. Click these links to navigate within the main function previously selected from the top navigation bar.
  • Footer links are at the bottom of the web page and they contain general resource links. Most footer links are duplicates of menu options listed in the top navigation bar, but other options are included, such as the Workforce Solutions Office Directory link and the Report Technical Problems link.
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How do I enter information into various fields?

There are several different types of fields that are designed for collecting information. Fields that require data to be entered before proceeding to the next step are marked with a red asterisk (*). All other information is either optional or its requirement is contingent upon previous answers.

Text boxes (outlined boxes) allow you to type requested information into the field. If the text box is one line, you will not be allowed to enter more than the maximum number of characters. If the text box allows more than one line, a note will appear under the text box telling you the maximum number of characters allowed. See example below:

Radio buttons (small circles) allow you to select one of the choices listed. Click the radio button, or circle, next to your choice. The selected answer will have a dot within the circle. To change your answer, click on a different radio button. See example below:
Supervisory Experience:  

Check boxes (small squares) allow you to select one or more of the choices listed. Click the check box next to each of your choices. The selected answer(s) will display a checkmark within the checkbox. To change your selection, click on a selected checkbox again to remove the and then make other selections as desired. See the example below:

Drop down boxes (outlined boxes with an arrow on the right) allow you to select one item from a list that expands downward when you click on the arrow. The drop down box may contain the phrase "Choose One" or it may show the most common answer, such as "Texas" for the state. To see the list, click anywhere on the drop down box or on the arrow. If the full range of choices do not display, you can scroll using the scroll bar on the right of the list (up and down arrows in a vertical bar), use the up or down arrows on your keyboard, or type the first letter of your desired selection. For example, if you want to choose Texas from a list of states, type "T" once and it will scroll to Tennessee. Press the down arrow on your keyboard and it will scroll to Texas. Click on your selection or highlight it using the arrow key, and then tab or click outside of the field. See example below:
: Back to Top

Why do I sometimes get messages at the top of the page? will inform you if certain information is missing or incorrect by placing an Error or Information message at the top of the page.

The error message Icon is an exclamation point (!) inside a yellow triangle and the text of the Error message appears in bold red typeface. These messages display when the application needs information that you haven't provided or when the information wasn't in the required format. For example, if you enter a letter in a phone number field or leave the area code blank, you'll receive an error message that tells you a phone number has to be 10 numbers. If the error is about a specific field, then the error message will start with the field label and give you instructions on how to fix the error. Below the error message, the field in question will be marked by a small yellow triangle to help you find it faster. Once you have fixed the error, submit the page again by clicking the appropriate button at the bottom (Next, Submit, or Save).

The information message icon is a lowercase "i" inside a blue circle and the text of the Information message appears in bold blue typeface. These messages provide more information about a particular actions taken in For example, if you preform a search and get results, the following Information message displays at the top of the page, "Scroll down page to view results." Back to Top

How can I get help?

The types of online help may vary, depending on the complexity of a web page or application. All of our help pages open a new browser window, so you won't lose any information already entered into the application. When you're done using help, just close the window and you'll return to the application. The possible online help options include the following:
  • Site Help provides general information about the different pages and areas within the application. This is a great place to start when you begin using the application. There is a link in the footer and the top menu bar to get to this section.
  • Help is a link found on most MyTXCareer pages. This link provides detailed information or instruction specific to each page. Help page information may include an overview that describes the purpose of the page and along with general instructions, tips on completing the page, more detailed instructions on the form fields, and/or a complete description of each button on the page. If page Help is available, the Help link will display in the upper right section of the web page.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) provide answers to some basic questions about the application. Questions are listed at the top of the page under category headings. Click on any question and the cursor will move down the page to display the full question and answer. Click on any category heading to move to that entire category. You can use the "Back to Top" link to return to the list of questions or you can scroll through the entire list of questions and answers.
  • Report Technical Problems is a link, usually in the footer of most pages. Clicking this link will open to a page that will provide a phone number or other contact information so that you can reach staff in your nearest Workforce Solutions Office. You can call or visit your nearest Workforce Solutions Office and speak to staff about the technical problems you have experienced. Or, you can click your Message Center tab in the top navigation bar and send a message to Workforce Staff requesting assistance. Use these methods of contact if there are technical problems with the web site, such as a page not found, or an error page indicating the application could not process your request.
For more personal help, there are various links that will show you how to contact Texas Workforce Solutions staff to ask them questions. The Texas Workforce Commission is part of a local/state network dedicated to developing and assisting the Texas labor force. The network is comprised of a hub of central state offices directly supporting the Commission while the statewide provision of services is divided into twenty-eight local workforce boards and more than 250 local Workforce Solutions Offices. This network gives customers access to local workforce solutions staff and statewide services housed in a single location - Texas Workforce Solutions Offices.
  • Contact Information is a link that displays under the Workforce Solutions Office Events on your Home page. Click on Contact Information to see the phone number and address details for your nearest Workforce Solutions Office.
  • Contact Us is a link in the upper right corner of your Logon page that provides you with a message template and allows you to send an online message to the Workforce Staff to request assistance. If you have problems logging on or trouble using any other related function please contact Workforce Staff via our Contact Us link.
  • Find your Nearest Workforce Solutions Office is a link located in the Quick Links section of your Logon page. Clicking this link will give you access to the Directory and to other links such as Workforce Solutions Offices and Offices, Unemployment Insurance information for job seekers, and Unemployment Tax information for employers.
  • My Workforce Solutions Office is a banner link located in the upper right corner of any page after you log on to It provides contact details to your nearest Workforce Solutions Office.
  • Workforce Solutions Office Directory is a link at the bottom of the page which takes you to the Directory of Texas Workforce Solutions Offices and Services. Type in your ZIP Code, click the appropriate radio buttons, and click Search to find your nearest Workforce Solutions Offices.
Information and/or Error Messages will provide contact information when determines staff assistance is necessary. Back to Top